Meet Lauren Sutherland

Manager of Admissions and Student Success, New York |

In the lively, diverse city of Brooklyn, New York, Lauren pursued higher education at Hunter College (City University of New York) and earned a B.A. in English Literature and Adolescent Education. Starting her professional journey as a high school educator, Lauren's passion for cultural understanding and scholastic enrichment led her to promote academic enlightenment through the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program. Her dedication to education and cultural appreciation fueled her drive to teach overseas, where she implemented and supported global programs to teach second-language learners, people who are deaf or hard of hearing, mute, and students with learning disabilities across five different countries.

In 2020, Lauren redirected her focus to the youth in her local community, later taking on the position of Director of Education for at-risk youth across detention facilities statewide. Joining the YES NYC team in 2023, her mission is to offer ongoing support, foster confidence, and cultivate a motivation for self-improvement. Each day becomes a canvas for reinforcing the inherent capabilities of the youth and unlocking new educational opportunities. Lauren is committed to ensuring the academic success of these aspiring young individuals.