How do we select kids?

YES identifies students through extensive interviews and comprehensive year-long evaluation to determine their cognitive and social skills. Through years of success, YES has cultivated unique relationships with strategic school districts across America, whose teachers and administrators provide us with essential data on their most promising students. YES Scholars are ultimately selected based upon their academic agility, intellectual curiosity, creativity, verbal acuity, and emotional maturity.

How long do we support our Scholars?

YES has an established track record for long-term holistic support services, beginning as early as elementary school and continuing through high school, college, and career placement. Our programs meet the academic, socio-emotional, and cultural needs of our scholars at every milestone along their journey.

What is the YES Method?

Our intensive twice-weekly class sessions for our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders present the students with above grade-level mathematics problems that demand thought-provoking and unconventional approaches. Our team of educators presents these algebra and geometry problems as logic puzzles for cultivating critical thinking skills - specifically, the idea that mathematics is a language, and that one can use the grammar of mathematics to organize one’s thoughts. We hold that being able to generate original ideas and fall in love with learning for its own sake together form the groundwork for cultivating the principles of a student’s academic success.

Can we expand to your city?

YES’ goal is to level the education playing field for as many low-income, underserved students as possible. However, program expansion requires significant time, resources, and relationships. If you would like further info, please email us at