YES Chicago works with students from 8 public middle schools across the Chicagoland area. In fulfillment of YES' promise of equal opportunity for equal talent, the Chicago team has worked diligently to ensure YES Scholars receive resources that guide students towards self-discovery as well as success academically, socially, and professionally.

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YES Chicago

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YES Chicago

The YES Chicago Curriculum

The YES method employs a variety of strategies to strengthen students’ reading comprehension skills while sparking students’ personal intellectual curiosity. The middle school program focuses on logic and the notion of math as a language.

We begin in 6th grade by giving students a variety of logic puzzles that challenge the way they have traditionally been taught to approach a problem.

YES Chicago

Our Model

YES Chicago

6th and 7th grade YES Scholars participate in our Chicago summer program, which blends field trips around Chicago, outdoor experiences, test prep for high school exams, and a culminating final project.

Beginning in 7th grade and continuing through 8th grade Fall, YES programming shifts its focus to preparation of high school applications, including screened public, specialized, and independent high schools.


When transitioning to the YES High School Program, students are encouraged to spend the summer before 9th grade at a program away from home: either at one of our partner boarding school programs or at the YES Adventure Academy at Appalachian State University.

YES Chicago