Meet Aaron Ireland

Director of Chicago Curriculum and Instruction |

Aaron Ireland was born and raised on the south side of Chicago in a family that placed great value on education. His love for reading led him to discover lesser-known historical contributions made to society by his culture, which further deepened his love for learning. This led him to receive his undergraduate degree in Africana Studies from Tennessee State University (Nashville) where he focused on pedagogical approaches and other trends and policies that affect people who suffer from marginalization, as well as the many movements to end marginalization. He earned his Masters in the Art of Teaching from The University of Chicago studying critical theory and other progressive approaches to instruction/guidance and curriculum design.

Aaron has 7 years of experience in education, teaching grades from 4-12 in subjects ranging from Science to History. He is also the founder of an academic and enrichment non-profit that offers exciting workshops and tutoring to young people and their families in Chicago. He is excited to work with YES and assist in the students' discovery and cultivation of a life based on a love for learning!