Los Angeles



More than fifteen years after Eric Eisner began working with promising children from the Lennox School District in the shadow of Los Angeles International Airport, YES continues, steadfast in our commitment to students and families throughout South Los Angeles. In addition to six schools in Lennox, YES has since expanded to four middle schools in the adjacent neighborhoods.

Today, students from YES-Los Angeles attend local prep schools, boarding schools, colleges, and universities across America. Many are beginning fledging careers from Silicon Valley to Hollywood to Washington and Wall Street. As the oldest and largest YES program, the strategies pioneered in YES-Los Angeles set the course for our success on the national stage.

Our partner schools in Los Angeles County:

• Buford Elementary, Lennox
• Felton Elementary, Lennox
• Jefferson Elementary, Lennox
• Moffet Elementary, Lennox
• Delores Huerta, Lennox
• Lennox Middle School, Lennox
• Jane Addams Middle School, Lawndale
• Richard Henry Dana Middle School, Hawthorne
• TEACH Academy of Technologies, Los Angeles
• Will Rogers Middle School, Lawndale